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Welcome to Overdue Finds, an Edmonton Public Library podcast. Bryce Crittenden and Caroline Land will be hosting conversations about movies, music, books, pretty much any sort of popular culture and media you can think of and likely some you’ve never thought of. We’re hoping you’ll learn more about what you can find at the library.

Aug 30, 2019

In June 2003, former WWE wrestler Dr. Chris Nowinski suffered a serious concussion that threatened his health and cost him his career. Today, Dr. Chris Nowinski is the co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation with Dr. Robert Cantu to solve the sports concussion crisis through education, awareness, policy and research.

Dr. Nowinski will be here in Edmonton on September 17th as part of EPL’s Forward Thinking Speaker Series and he chats with Bryce and Caroline in this special episode about his upcoming event, the important work that his team is doing at the Concussion Legacy Foundation and his time in the WWE.

Tickets are still available for Dr. Chris Nowinski: Solving the Concussion Crisis on Tuesday, September 17th at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel. Tickets start at only $10 and all the proceeds go to the Stanley A. Milner Library revitalization project.

Check out the list of some of the items that we talk about in this episode including other titles related to concussions. You can also borrow Dr. Nowinski's "Overdue Find pick" One Second After here at EPL. 

Our next episode will be available on Friday, September 13th where we’ll be sharing some of our own favourite guilty pleasure picks with first-time guest Brittney Le Blanc (@BritL).

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