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Welcome to Overdue Finds, an Edmonton Public Library podcast. Bryce Crittenden and Caroline Land will be hosting conversations about movies, music, books, pretty much any sort of popular culture and media you can think of and likely some you’ve never thought of. We’re hoping you’ll learn more about what you can find at the library.

May 25, 2018

In this latest "super" episode of Overdue Finds, Kim and Bryce are joined by EPL's comics expert Amie Wright. Amie recently joined EPL from New York, talks about some of her favorite comic book stores there and gives some picks for great Canadian comics. The group has a friendly debate about Marvel vs. DC and Bryce makes a shocking confession about an unpopular comic book movie. Plus, find out which superhero everyone would love to be and why.

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Our next episode featuring some of our pop culture confessions will be available on Friday, June 8th!