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Welcome to Overdue Finds, an Edmonton Public Library podcast. Bryce Crittenden and Caroline Land will be hosting conversations about movies, music, books, pretty much any sort of popular culture and media you can think of and likely some you’ve never thought of. We’re hoping you’ll learn more about what you can find at the library.

Feb 1, 2019

Our podcast listeners were invited to send in their burning questions about the revitalization of the Stanley A. Milner Library (or anything EPL). Now’s your chance to hear the answers! EPL’s CEO, Pilar Martinez, joins hosts Bryce Crittenden and Laura Young to discuss libraries (both real and fictional!) and, of course, share their finds. Check it out!

Make sure you check out our list of of all the items that we talk about in this episode. 

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Our next episode will be available on Friday, February 15th. We'll be interviewing local romance author and screenwriter Jennifer Snow about the popularity of romance novels.