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Welcome to Overdue Finds, an Edmonton Public Library podcast. Bryce Crittenden and Caroline Land will be hosting conversations about movies, music, books, pretty much any sort of popular culture and media you can think of and likely some you’ve never thought of. We’re hoping you’ll learn more about what you can find at the library.

Oct 11, 2019

On this week's Overdue Finds, Bryce and Caroline chat with returning guest Tamsin Shute and neonatologist Dr. Amber Reichert about how EPL's Welcome Baby program has expanded into local Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Learn more about how this came about, what it means for parents and hospital staff, why books belong in the NICU and why you should read and sing to your baby!

Be sure to check out our list of all the titles that we talk about in this episode. 

Guest Dr. Amber Reichert has also put together a separate list of books and online resources for premature babies and their families that all parents will appreciate. 

Plus, make sure to listen to the end of this episode to find out how you can win a pair of tickets to the sold out John Douglas event on October 28th. The deadline to enter is Monday, October 21st. 

Our next episode will be available on Friday, October 25th. We'll be talking to local author and editor of Avenue Magazine, Steven Sandor and fellow EPLer Indy Randhawa about some of our favourite horror movies just in time for Halloween. 

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